High impact leadership, storytelling, stakeholder engagement and purpose.

  • Storytelling

    Storytelling training provides you and your team with the strategies and tools needed to develop effective ways to engage and collaborate with stakeholders.

    To move beyond the puffery and towards connecting conversations that are authentic and real, and most importantly help advance the organisation’s strategic objectives.

    Typically delivered as in-person interactive sessions, we focus on helping you craft the meaningful messages and inspiring stories that help ‘turn the lights on’ for the variety of stakeholders you work with.

    Participants hone their skills through live exercises, videos and review with peers so they can see the results and refer back to what they did in the session.

    Training can be delivered to individuals, groups or in a ‘train the trainer’ format and post-training support and feedback is also available.

  • Executive presence

    Our credibility as leaders and storytellers has less to do with the words and more to do with our own physicality, including our expressions, how we use our voices and how we move. Our ability to lead, collaborate, motivate and inspire starts with our executive presence.

    Zoë has worked with existing and aspiring leaders globally on enhancing their confidence and their effectiveness as communicators. Training covers all aspects of vocal, visual and verbal delivery.

  • Purpose and strategy consulting

    Providing support to organisations to help them develop their vision, purpose and/or sustainability strategy. This work includes desk research, benchmarking, qualitative interviews and preparation of board papers and presentations. It also includes stakeholder workshops and plan development.

  • Women Leading Change: Shaping Our Future

    Zoë is the creator, co-convenor and head tutor of the course Women Leading Change: Shaping Our Future. It provides in-depth knowledge of the systemic challenges women face and the ability to lead change with confidence, resilience, and transformational leadership skills.

  • Communicating for influence and impact

    Zoë is the creator, co-convenor and head tutor of this innovative online course which equips individuals in organisations with the tools and techniques to overcome barriers, embed purpose, engage diverse stakeholders and drive positive change.

  • High impact leadership

    Zoë is the creator and co-convenor of this online course for existing and aspiring leaders who wish to enhance their ability to deliver meaningful outcomes, underpinned by values and purpose.

“The work Zoë did to help us create a new purpose for the organisation not only gave us a clear direction, but also contributed to a stronger sense of team and we have been able to build on that.”

Thomas Lawson, CEO, anti-poverty charity Turn2Us

T:07770 915997