Close article 20th July 2022

University of Cambridge Women Leading Change: Shaping Our Future Online Short Course

Watch this trailer for the Women Leading Change: Shaping Our Future online short course from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


Over eight weeks, this course equips you with the tools to address the systemic challenges that women face, and understand the important role you can play in leading change.

Explore the principles of confident, resilient leadership as you reflect on your own leadership style and voice, while you work to enhance both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. On the course, you’ll learn to create purpose-led, psychologically safe environments, build strong relationships, and nurture teams for long-term success. You’ll gain an understanding of how your leadership can influence and enhance your organisation. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your network, while creating a personal leadership plan to drive sustainable, transformational change and make a long-term, positive impact.


Visit the course page for more information here.

T:07770 915997