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25 Jan 2019 How can we achieve high-impact leadership? The role of experiential learning. 30 Nov 2018 High Impact Leadership online short course

I am the convenor and head tutor of this Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership course.

02 Oct 2018 What I Have Learnt: Kavita Prakash-Mani, WWF 02 Oct 2018 What I Have Learnt: Lessons from Our Network 28 Sep 2018 What I Have Learnt: Sonia Roschnik, Sustainable Development Unit

Sonia Roschnik has long worked in health and social care. She has worked for the Sustainable Development Unit (NHS England & Public Health England) since 2008 bringing together a keen interest in the natural environment with her work as a…

24 Mar 2018 Rewiring leadership: The future we want, the leadership we need

March 2018 – Businesses face unprecedented change from social and environmental challenges, technical innovation and business model innovation. There is growing public expectation and a commercial case for businesses to shape and lead the change we need for a better…

14 Dec 2017 Building leaders for long-term business performance

This report which I co-authored, examines how multinational companies are equipping employees with the skills, knowledge and values to grow businesses for the long term. It deepens our understanding of how companies are defining and developing their leadership and talent…

“Zoë creates a safe and constructive space which enables the opportunity for impact. I appreciate her collaborative, proactive, fast-paced approach, which makes her an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Executive Director, Cambridge University

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